When it comes to relieving cough and cold symptoms…HoneyWorks™!

Do you know what’s in your cough remedy? Chances are you can’t pronounce half the ingredients listed on the package (and we can’t either)! That’s why it’s time to trust the natural power of HoneyWorks™. This great-tasting product offers fast and effective cough relief and it’s made with 100% U.S. sourced, natural, USDA certified-organic dark honey. Honey is an antioxidant that has been used by cultures all around the world over the past 2,500 years for a variety of health reasons including coughs, and sore throats. HoneyWorks™ has no artificial additives, such as dyes, preservatives, artificial flavoring and artificial coloring, is GMO free, gluten- and dairy free, tree nut and peanut free and has zero trans-fat. 

Why Dark Honey?

Honey is an antioxidant that’s been used all around the world over the past 2,500 years for a variety of health reasons, including coughs and throat irritation. But did you know that the color of honey varies according to its botanical origin and the weather of the place where the plant grows? Dark honey contains even more flavor than the light version and provides more nutrients, including vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to better help soothe coughs and throat irritation naturally. HoneyWorks™ heard the buzz and developed a great-tasting, dark honey product line made with 100% U.S. sourced natural certified-organic dark honey that offers fast and effective relief — a natural alternative that is not only effective, but safe.


Kids HoneyWorks™ Soothing Throat Spray

    • Helps soothe throat irritation
    • Safe and effective
    • Contains USDA certified organic honey
    • Unique spray provides portability (fits in kid’s backpack, mom’s purse, dad’s briefcase, etc.), and convenience
    • 100% U.S. -sourced natural, organic honey
    • For ages 12 months and Up

Kids HoneyWorks™ Organic Honey Soothing Syrup

  • Made with 100% USDA-sourced natural organic dark honey
  • Contains ivy leaf extract
  • Provides safe, drug free relief from throat irritation and hoarseness with no harmful side effects
  • Drug-free, dietary supplement
  • Effective and safe for ages 24 months and up

Kids HoneyWorks™ Night Time Organic Honey Soothing Syrup

  • Great tasting syrup soothes coughs, hoarseness and throat irritation
  • Safe, drug free with no harmful side effects
  • Promotes peaceful sleep naturally
  • 100% U.S. sourced and certified organic dark honey with ivy leaf extract and melatonin
  • Do not use for children under 2 years of age (use as directed)
  • Shake well before using before bedtime or as directed by a physician; may repeat after 4 hours
  • May cause drowsiness

HoneyWorks™ Organic Soothing Throat Spray – Plus Zinc

    • A metered dose pump
    • Safe and effective for soothing sooth throat irritation and hoarseness
    • Delivery system provides portability and convenience (fits in pocket, purse, briefcase, etc.) and convenience
    • 100% U.S. -sourced natural dark organic honey
    • For ages 12 years and up

*Please consult your physician immediately if condition worsens.

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.